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Gadget organizer “Day’s Pouch”!!

The gadget organizer “Day’s Pouch” is a durable and stylish pouch that can hold and carry cables, power supplies, batteries, memory, and other small items needed around the desk in its nine pockets.

It can be carried to the office, home, coffee shop, or anywhere, allowing you to quickly retrieve what you need, quickly put it away, and smoothly create an environment where you can concentrate on your work.

Hi! Nice to meet you. My name is Hiroaki Sato. I’m the president of YOUBOKU TOKYO.

YOUBOKU TOKYO is a brand of gadget organizers launched in the summer of 2019.

Since 2019, the term “Nomad Worker” has gradually started to spread in Japan.
(”Nomad worker” is a Japanese expression that refers to people who work in various locations outside of the regular office.)

I didn’t have the regular office, but worked in co-working spaces and at home.

And when I saw people working the same way, I thought one thing.

It was…
I could use it while I worked, and
Easily portable, and
I thought it would be nice to have a gadget organizer that I could easily keep organized.

That is how the “Days Pouch” introduced here was born.

“Days Pouch” is designed to stand on its own.

The pouch can be placed in a stable upright position even when open, allowing items to be smoothly inserted and removed without taking up too much space.

<What are the advantages?>
The pouch can be placed on a narrow desk and objects can be easily removed from the top.

“Days Pouch” has 9 pockets.

“Days Pouch” has nine pockets, both large and small, on the outside and inside, and each pocket can be used to store items.

6 inside,

3 outside.

“Days Pouch” has a frame, so that it open wide.

The Days Pouch is a pouch with a frame, which opens wide at top.
In Japanese, it is a pouch that opens “Gabatto”!!

Please Watch this video for the part about opening the porch!
*The pouch color in the video has been sold out. Sorry.

“Days Pouch” is 6 types in all!

<Normal Version> 4,378JPY

The normal version.There are a total of five colors!
To purchase, visit Amazon.co.jp or the official store.

YOUBOKU TOKYO Official STORE(Japanese)
YOUBOKU.shop (2nd official store)(English/Japanese)

<Made in Japan Version>12,800JPY

New version of the “Days Pouch”.
This new version of “Days Pouch” is a high-end model made in Japan.

1.We commissioned “STARTTS,” a bag manufacturer in Tachikawa, Tokyo, to manufacture this product.
2.Tough waterproof fabric was used for the surface.
3.The zipper is a YKK water repellent zipper made in Japan.

Pre-orders are currently available on Kickstarter for overseas customers.

*This product is a sewn product. Therefore, it is not a waterproof pouch.

Size : 6.7 inch (length) x 7.5 inch (width) x 5.3 inch(bottom)) x 3.3 inch (thickness)
*Please note that the size are design specifications.

<Normal Version>

・Weight: approx. 170g
(*Please note that due to the sewn nature of these products, there may be slight differences between individual items.)

・Main material:
PE (polyester fiber)
This product is a Gamakuchi Pouch(a pouch with a clasp), so it has a wire frame.

・Manufacture: China

<Made in Japan Version>

・Color : Black only

・Main material : DULON

・Weight : 195g
(*Please note that due to the sewn nature of these products, there may be slight differences between individual items.)

・Manufacture: Japan

*Please note the following
This product is not a waterproof pouch.

The color of the product may look different from the actual product depending on the monitor environment.

This product is a pouch only.

This product is a sewn product, so there may be individual differences in size and appearance.

This product is not guaranteed to provide complete protection from shocks and scratches.We are not responsible for any damage, malfunction, loss of data, or loss of equipment, etc. Please be careful when storing valuables and equipment.

If the product gets wet, wipe it with a soft, dry cloth and dry it before use. Please note that leaving the product wet due to sweat or water may cause the color to shift or mold to form.

This product is not waterproof or drip-proof. Please be careful not to carry the product with only the zipper (puller) in your hand, or to try to close the zipper by forcefully pulling it, or to use the product with an extremely large number of items packed in it, as this may cause damage to the product.

Please note that the design (color, etc.) and specifications are subject to change without notice. Please note that this product cannot be used as a shoulder pouch.