【YoubokuTokyo – Days Pouch】

Made in Japan Self-standing organizing pouch on the desk, perfect for working with a laptop.

Gadget organizer "Day's Pouch"!!

The desk is cluttered, and you can’t get any work done!

Can’t organize your tools the way you want them to be organized?

In such cases, we recommend the “YoubokuTokyo Days Pouch”, an organizer pouch that stands up on the desk.

You can, certainly, keep your work desk in an organized state. We do are sticking this pouch to sewing in Japan.

*The pouch shown in the video is not “Made in Japan”series.

“Days Pouch” can be used standing up itself, so you to utilize your desk space more efficiently without obstructing your work!

“Days Pouch” is able to stand for itself by being meticulous about the choice of fabric, design, and sewing technique.

*If items, however, with large weight or height are placed too close to one side, or if the area where the bottom touches the floor is extremely small or narrow, there is a possibility that they will lose balance and not be able to stand on their own.

The pouch has excellent storage capacity, with pockets that open wide for easy access to the tools inside, and numerous pockets to keep things organized.

The pockets open quickly and widely, making it easy to see the tools inside.

If the frontage of the pouch is small, it becomes challenging to see the tools inside and retrieve them.

The main pocket of the “Days Pouch” opens widely, both to the left and right. Why is it open like this? The answer is that the pouch has a clasp on its edge, and standing on its own has been realized by Japan’s advanced sewing techniques.

The zipper is manufactured by YKK. The zipper pulls, easily, making it easy to open.

The top zipper is manufactured by YKK. It is also a double zipper type that can be opened from both the left and right sides. The puller is, additionally, attached in such a way that the zipper can be easily opened by hooking it onto the fingers.

“YoubokuTokyo” is a brand that was established in the summer of 2019 in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. Since the time, many people in Shibuya have been using laptops to work in coworking spaces or cafes.

We thought it might be a nice idea to create a convenient pouch for such people to organize and store mice, cables, and other accessories for their laptops and peripherals on their desks. So, we have commercialized the “Days Pouch”.

The “Days Pouch” is a gadget pouch designed for nomadic workers who use laptops to work in various locations. It was developed after extensive research into the challenges of organizing and carrying the necessary computer peripherals for laptop work.

>>Youboku Tokyo Official Website(Japanese)
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Product Name:Days Pouch(Sewing in Japan)

Color:「Navy Gray」「Black」

Size : 6.7 inch (length) x 7.5 inch (width) x 5.3 inch(bottom)) x 3.3 inch (thickness)
*Please note that the size are design specifications.

Weight:approx. 149g
(*Please note that due to the sewn nature of these products, there may be slight differences between individual items.)

Main material:
polyester fiber
YKK Fasteners *It’s not water-tight or water-repellent.
This product is a Gamakuchi Pouch(a pouch with a clasp), so it has a wire frame.

Manufacture: Japan

The retail price at Japan is 10,800 JPY including tax.

*This product is not yet on sale to the general public.Therefore, specifications, colors, etc. are subject to change without notice.
*Please note that the actual color of the product may appear slightly different depending on your monitor setting.
*This product is a pouch only.Nothing is included except the pouch.
*The pouch is maded by hand, so there will be some variation.
*We do not guarantee that items in “Days pouch” will be protected from shocks or scratches.
*If items, however, with large weight or height are placed too close to one side, or if the area where the bottom touches the floor is extremely small or narrow, there is a possibility that they will lose balance and not be able to stand on their own.
*We are not responsible for any damage, malfunction, loss of data, or loss of items placed inside “Days Pouch”.
*If this product wet, wipe it dry with a soft, dry cloth before use.
*This product is not waterproof.YKK Zippers are not watertight or water-repellent.
*Do not carry the product while holding only the zipper.Do not put in a lot of items into “Days Pouch”.
*It is not designed to be used as a shoulder pouch.

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Please note.

If you wish to have the item shipped internationally, please select either credit card or PayPal (or AlipayHK/WeChat Pay/toss) as the payment method when placing your order. If any other payment method is chosen, the order will be canceled without prior notice.

The shipping method is EMS. Please see the checkout page for shipping charges.

For shipping via EMS, please note that customs duties will be separate from the amount you pay when placing the order and will be borne by you.

Cancellation due to customer personal preferences is not possible.

Please send your enquiries “Mail : shop(at sign)youboku.work” .
*Customer support will be provided using automatic translation.  

We have now also listed it on Ebay via an agency.